About us

«Tehenergoservice 2014» LLP has a great experience in operational service and maintenance of electric power substations, overhead power transmission lines of voltage class 35kV and above, as well as fiber-optic communication lines.

Operational maintenance works include:

1. Operational service:

  • maintaining the required operation mode of electrical plant;
  • production of switches;
  • inspections of equipment;
  • preparation for repair (workplace preparation, access).

2. Maintenance:

  • Intended use of power equipment
  • Seeking of power equipment in reserve

3. Maintenance of electric networks:

  • maintaining the operability and serviceability of overhead power transmission lines, transformer substations, distribution stations, 0,38-6kV distribution networks or their components.

4. Scheduled maintenance in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturing plant.

The Partnership has a qualified personnel to carry out these works, and currently it performs maintenance of the “power supply diagram for Aktogay mining processing plant”, which includes 220 kV overhead power transmission line with a total length of about 1500 km, and installed autotransformers with a total capacity of 526 MVA, which are designed for electric power supply to industrial consumers, such as oil-pumping station “Kazakhstan-China Pipeline”, Balkhash power supply network area.

Servicing of 220kV transformer substations with autotransformers with a capacity of up to 200mVA, reactors and other power equipment.

In addition to the above mentioned, we have the possibility of carrying out  overhaul of electric equipment, lines and substations, power transformers, engineering support for new construction of energy facilities.

The Partnership has a license for construction and assembly works of 3 category, which allows to perform subcontracting works during the construction of power transmission lines and other power supply network facilities of 35 kV or less, with voltage of 35 kV to 220 kV or more.